Bitten by the cycling bug and want to raise your game?


  • Buy the best bike you can afford, taking into account what your goals are.
  • Get fitted to the bike, most shops offer this service. A bike fit will help avoid aches and pains later.
  • Check out the Cycle to Work scheme, where you could save money on a new bike.
  • Set yourself a goal, eg an upcoming sportive.
  • Devise a training plan for the event that suits your other lifestyle commitments.
  • Gradually increase the distances you cycle every week. Add around 10/15 km per week to your spins as you get fitter.
  • Avoid big hills until your fitness level have improved. It can take about 12 weeks training to achieve a fitness level that will allow you to complete a 60k Sportive comfortably.(Obviously depending on age, base fitness level etc).
  • Join a group or club, a bit of company on the road helps the kilometers go faster. Be careful to cycle with a group that travels at a speed that’s comfortable for you.
  • Get used to the gearing on the bike, after a while it becomes second nature. Cycle initially with a more experienced friend who can advise you as you go.
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  • Get carried away at the start of your training program. It’s easy to do, we’ve all been there: you catch the cycling bug, wear yourself out in a month and lose interest
  • Train every day, rest is just as important as training.
  • Go cycling with a group who are too fast or too advanced for your level. You’ll only get dropped continually and will soon become demoralised.